My name is Sandi. Like all lives, mine is a jumble of experiences and connections that fit together in odd ways. Good ways. Hard ways. I am the mother of two fabulous kids and sharing the journey with an incredible partner. Here I share the bits and pieces of our sometimes wild, sometimes mundane journey.

You’ll find recipes (from a pathological kitchen corner-cutter), experienced gardening experimentation, adventures in homeschooling, travel for families with itchy feet, and a liberal dose of politics.

I have a BA in economics and a PhD in political science. I study the political economy of social policy and the economics of the family. I love research and teaching, but becoming a parent was a transformative experience and caused a major shift in priorities for my partner and I. We made the decision to homeschool, to move out of town, to do small scale homesteading on the land my husband was raised on, surrounded by grandparents and extended family and imbedded in an intentional community. We are figuring out how to work less outside the home and dedicate this part of our lives as much as we can to our children and to family. It is a privilege–socially, economically, personally. That doesn’t make it easy, of course.

There’s no such thing as achieving balance, there’s just the dance. I think of it as unbalancing. When done in community it can uplift us, when done in isolation it can wear us down. Thanks for joining us!

Unless credited otherwise, all the photos here are mine. Feel free to link to the blog but please do not use my words or images without permission.